Friday, May 18, 2012

Trying to go back in time...

I must confess, I have an obsession with looking at other people's food blogs! I feel that I am very regular in the sense of fashion, cooking and decorating... Some of these blogs have a perfect feel of old time and comfort. I want to make my blog more like that. I think one of the reasons I love to look at so many people's wonderful blogs is because their writing is utterly captivating! Their descriptions of memories and moments of cooking is very visual. I can see exactly what they are talking about. I want to be like that!

Here are the few of the blogs that I have been looking at today!

Go check them out for yourselves. You may be surprised what you find! Some of the food looks fantastic as well.  I think I might have to do some investigating to try and get my blog to go back in time without really changing who I am and what I love to do.

In the news of my own cooking; last night I made a Trifle! Delicious! A Lemon Berry Trifle. However, in my excitement to eat it, I forgot to take a picture of it before I dished up! I also was so excited to try it, that I didn't give it much time to set and get cold in the fridge... So it sank... (Another reason I did not want to take a picture of it) Sinking Trifles aren't pretty.

Even still, this Trifle is FABOULOUS! Thank you to Mel's Kitchen Cafe for the recipe. Thank you Chris for making this for the family, so we could all fall in love with it!  I love it because the recipe gives you options to make it all from scratch, or make it a little easier on yourself and get a few items from the store. I am fine with either. This was the first time I made it, and I wanted to do it all from scratch! I did it in a two day time period, and it was so fun!

This was something that did take some time, but every bite is worth it! I PROMISE! I will be making this Trifle throughout the years.

Here is a picture of Mel's Lemon Berry Trifle! ( Mine kind of looked like this... before I cut into it) If you want the recipe, just click the link for Mel's Kitchen Cafe. It should take you right to it.

Lemon Berry Trifle

P.S. If anyone has any great ideas on how to become a better writer, please fill me in. Thanks!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's been too long... I'm sorry

I realized that it has been months since I have written anything for this blog. I guess I have been so busy with work and being with my husband and son!! Lately I have wanted to make some really delicious desserts. I am saving up some of my money to indulge in some fun cooking tools and ingredients.
Tarts with Lemon curd and fresh berries
Cheesecake ( Perhaps a new flavor such as lemon and raspberry, or the usual chocolate)
Donut Holes
Delicious Thai recipes with sticky rice (Thanks to Mom and Dad Garner for the thai rice cooker)

I am so excited for warm weather... that means fresh fruit and veggies! Can't Wait. Lemons are something that sound so good to me lately! Until we meet again, happy baking!